Custom Clearance Services at ICD Delhi

  • Custom Clearance Services at ICD Delhi

    Custom Clearance Services at ICD Delhi

    APT Logistics provides total logistics and custom clearance services at ICD Delhi. Please find details of ICD Delhi as under.

    ICD Delhi, also known as the Inland Container Depot Delhi, is a crucial hub that facilitates the movement of cargo worldwide. Here are some key reasons for its importance:

    1. Strategic Location: ICD Delhi is strategically located in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, making it a significant logistics hub. Its proximity to major ports, including the nearby ports of Mumbai and Mundra, allows for efficient connectivity and transportation of cargo via road, rail, and air networks.

    2. Connectivity: ICD Delhi is well-connected to major highways, railway networks, and the Indira Gandhi International Airport, ensuring seamless movement of cargo to and from the depot. It serves as a vital link between the hinterland and the ports, enabling efficient import and export operations.

    3. Customs Clearance: ICD Delhi operates as a customs clearance point, where cargo undergoes inspection, assessment, and clearance by customs officials. This process ensures compliance with customs regulations, facilitates international trade, and expedites the movement of goods across borders.

    4. Container Handling: The depot offers comprehensive container handling facilities, including loading, unloading, stacking, and transshipment services. These services ensure efficient management of containers and cargo, enabling smooth transfers between different modes of transport.

    5. Warehousing and Storage: ICD Delhi provides warehousing and storage facilities for cargo. This is especially valuable for businesses that require temporary storage, consolidation, or deconsolidation of goods during transit. The depot ensures secure storage and efficient handling of cargo until it is ready for further transportation.

    6. Intermodal Connectivity: ICD Delhi serves as an intermodal transportation hub, enabling the seamless transfer of cargo between different modes of transport. It facilitates the movement of goods by road, rail, and air, depending on the specific requirements of the shipment. Such intermodal connectivity enhances efficiency and reduces transit times.

    7. Value-added Services: Apart from core logistics services, ICD Delhi may offer value-added services such as documentation assistance, cargo tracking, cargo insurance, and customs advisory services. These additional services streamline the movement of cargo, enhance supply chain visibility, and provide comprehensive support to businesses involved in international trade.

    ICD Delhi, with its strategic location, robust infrastructure, customs clearance facilities, and intermodal connectivity, plays a vital role in the movement of cargo worldwide. It serves as a critical link between the ports and the hinterland, enabling efficient and seamless logistics operations for importers and exporters.
    [9:12 pm, 20/07/2023] Bala Sir (Jio): Apt Logistics provides custom clearance, freight , trucking and all freight forwarding services at Icd Ahmedabad. Please find details about Icd Ahmedabad as below.

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