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We offer a broad range of cargo insurance choices, from single shipment plans to all-inclusive open contracts with numerous destinations and durations. Our customer-focused methodology entails a comprehensive comprehension of logistics to precisely customize insurance options to meet their requirements. We assiduously strive to reduce risks and guarantee full coverage for our clients' priceless cargo, promoting peace of mind, with a dedication to excellence. Put your interests first and rely on us to protect your shipments with dependable, customized insurance options. It's important to remember that international treaties restrict freight forwarders' liability because cargo is vulnerable to theft, damage, and loss while traveling internationally. APT LOGISTICS provides cargo insurance to mitigate these risks, covering the entire amount in case of loss or damage from any external source.



An important aspect of freight handling is efficient packaging. Packaging solutions entail carefully wrapping items to guarantee their security and safety while being transported from one place to another. Here at APT LOGISTICS, we recognize that secure packaging is essential to the timely delivery of your goods. Our staff uses a wide range of packaging techniques to handle your shipment with the highest care. Whether it is for fragile or heavy commodities, we make sure that every item is handled with care and value.


  • We have options for both bulky and delicate objects.
  • Products with Precision Engineering
  • Quick and Efficient Assistance
  • Outstanding Client Support Services


Our commitment to strict compliance with national and international laws, coupled with our robust moral and ethical standards, ensures that we consistently fulfil our clients' regulatory requirements. The DGM compliance service holds utmost importance for our clients due to this unwavering dedication.


Packaging, Marking & Labelling

Our specialists make sure that your shipment of dangerous items is packaged, labelled & marked in compliance with all applicable regulations. Furthermore, regardless of the size of the shipment, our partnerships with top packing material providers guarantee that you will always have the proper kind and calibre of packing materials on hand.

Documentation and Coordination

From guidance and documentation to real tracking and monitoring and customs clearance, you will receive assistance with every aspect of your goods. Whether this is your first export from India or a regular component of your business, our friendly team will help you find the right balance between price and service, as well as an efficient and trouble-free delivery of your shipment or cargo.

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