Haz cargo handling is a critical activity and not all forwarders are equipped to handle such shipments. We at APT Logistics with over a decade of experience assist our clients
    in moving their DG goods from the one-place to another across international borders.

    APT LOGISTICS has been earning the trust and loyalty of an ever expanding customer base. We have earned that level of trust by valuing our client’s goods like they our own.
    We take a personal interest in making sure your goods are picked up in a timely manner, packed safely and securely, properly documented for trouble free transit and delivered on time.
    Our customers identify us as one of the leading logistics providers on PAN INDIA basis. We take pride in our ability to provide a one stop solution provider for customers
    who need a wide range of logistics services for their valuable personal goods, commercial cargo or special items such as hazardous goods.
    We are always keen to share expertise in logistics with customers. We provide consultation for ways to save transport, warehousing
    and other costs incurred such as storage and duties. We consider ourselves a partner to our customers and ensure successful completion of all their export/import requirements.
    At APT LOGISTICS we always believe that our growth starts in the growth and prosperity of our clients. We are always open to suggestions and also strive to understand each
    customer’s specific requirements and unique logistical challenges.
    Our international networks with reputed agents across the globe, enables us to offer high level of service required by our clients.
    We value the business relationship your cargo represents. and our team is always there to assist, with the preparation of the documentation, reserving space, insurance,
    port charges, and handling charges are clarified to shipper and are covered properly.
    Further we also assist with packing of goods as per the requirements of transport norms especially when the goods are hazardous in nature. While assisting the clients with their
    export/import shipments we undertake all of the activities included for the convenience of the shippers.
    Interactions with foreign customs brokers, port authorities etc. that are part of the shipment are also taken care by the help of our counterparts established and known at their respective locations.

    For more information contact:

    Diana D’Souza – diana@aptlogistics.com +91 22497 87803
    Sachin Tiwari – cs@aptlogistics.com +91 77009 14388
    Mangesh Bhosle – ocean@aptlogistics.com +91 84339 88532
    Bala Iyer – balaiyer@aptlogistics.com +91 98205 17857

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