Apt logistics provides full logistics services at Mumbai airport. They include air freight, custom clearance, transportation, packing, warehousing, handling hazardous cargo etc. Below you will find advantages of using mumbai airport for export and import of commercial cargo.
    1. Strategic Location: Mumbai is geographically well-positioned, serving as a gateway to both domestic and international markets. Its proximity to major shipping routes makes it an ideal hub for global cargo operations.

    2. Extensive Connectivity: Mumbai airport has a vast network of air freight services connecting it to various destinations globally. It has direct flights to major international markets, ensuring fast and efficient transportation of goods.

    3. Modern Infrastructure: Mumbai airport has state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities specifically designed to handle cargo operations. It has dedicated cargo terminals equipped with advanced handling systems, including temperature-controlled storage and specialized equipment for handling delicate and perishable goods.

    4. Efficient Customs Clearance: The airport has well-established customs facilities and procedures, ensuring smooth and timely clearance of cargo. This reduces the risk of delays, facilitating quick turnaround for exporters and importers.

    5. Specialized Handling: Mumbai airport has the capability to handle a wide range of cargo, including heavy machinery, pharmaceuticals, perishable goods, and hazardous materials. It has the necessary expertise and infrastructure for handling different types of cargo, ensuring their safety and integrity throughout the transportation process.

    6. Regulatory Support: Mumbai airport benefits from a supportive regulatory framework, including simplified import and export procedures, which help in reducing bureaucratic red tape and streamlining cargo operations.

    7. Freight Forwarding Services: The airport houses numerous freight forwarding agents, logistics companies, and customs brokers, providing a comprehensive range of services to handle cargo efficiently. These experts offer assistance in documentation, packaging, warehousing, and transportation, saving time and effort for businesses.

    8. High Security Standards: Mumbai airport ensures strict security protocols to safeguard cargo from theft or damage during transit. Advanced security systems and protocols are implemented to maintain the integrity of the supply chain.

    9. Track and Trace: The airport offers advanced tracking and tracing systems, enabling exporters and importers to monitor the movement of their cargo in real-time. This provides transparency and allows for better planning and coordination.

    10. Ancillary Services: Mumbai airport has various value-added services, such as consolidation facilities, bonded warehousing, and cargo insurance, providing exporters and importers with a comprehensive suite of services to meet their specific needs.

    Overall, using Mumbai airport for exporting and importing cargo worldwide offers numerous advantages, including its strategic location, extensive connectivity, modern infrastructure, efficient customs clearance, specialized handling, regulatory support, freight forwarding services, high security standards, track and trace capabilities, and ancillary services.

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