Benefits of using Delhi airport for export and import of commercial cargo.

    Apt logistics provides total logistics solutions at Delhi airport for both air export and import cargo.
    Please find below advantages of using Delhi airport for air export and import cargo.
    1. Strategic Location: Delhi is centrally located in India, making it an advantageous transit point for both domestic and international cargo. Its proximity to major industrial areas and transport networks enables efficient distribution of goods to various parts of the country.

    2. Extensive Connectivity: Delhi airport has excellent connectivity with major global destinations through various airlines. It offers direct flights to major international markets, making it convenient for exporters and importers to access a wide range of destinations.

    3. Modern Infrastructure: Delhi airport has world-class infrastructure specifically designed for cargo operations. It features dedicated cargo terminals equipped with advanced handling systems, including temperature-controlled storage facilities, specialized equipment for handling perishable goods, and efficient cargo tracking systems.

    4. Efficient Customs Clearance: The airport has well-established customs facilities and streamlined procedures, ensuring quick and hassle-free clearance of cargo. This expedites the movement of goods and reduces delays, saving time and costs for businesses.

    5. Specialized Handling: Delhi airport has the capability to handle a diverse range of cargo, including heavy machinery, pharmaceuticals, and high-value goods. It has the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and expertise to handle different types of cargo, ensuring their safe and secure transportation.

    6. Regulatory Support: Delhi airport benefits from favorable regulations and policies for international trade. It offers simplified import and export procedures, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and facilitating smooth cargo operations.

    7. Freight Forwarding Services: The airport houses various freight forwarding agencies, logistics companies, and customs brokers, providing comprehensive services to handle cargo efficiently. These experts offer assistance in documentation, packaging, warehousing, and transportation, enhancing the overall logistics experience.

    8. High Security Standards: Delhi airport maintains stringent security measures to protect cargo from unauthorized access, theft, and damage. It employs advanced security systems and protocols to ensure the integrity and safety of goods during transit.

    9. Value-added Services: Delhi airport provides a range of value-added services, such as consolidation facilities, bonded warehousing, and cargo insurance. These services offer additional convenience and flexibility for exporters and importers.

    10. Proximity to Industrial Hubs: Delhi airport is close to major industrial hubs in northern India, such as Gurugram, Noida, and Faridabad. This proximity reduces transportation costs and time, facilitating seamless integration of cargo with manufacturing and distribution processes.

    In summary, using Delhi airport for export and import of commercial cargo offers benefits such as its strategic location, extensive connectivity, modern infrastructure, efficient customs clearance, specialized handling capabilities, regulatory support, availability of freight forwarding services, high security standards, value-added services, and proximity to industrial hubs. These advantages make it an attractive choice for businesses engaged in global trade.

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