Reverse Logistics

  • Reverse Logistics

    The concept of reverse logistics has been applied in promoting customer service and

    resources recycling. Concerning quality control, the defective components and finished

    products will be returned to their producers through reverse logistics systems. Nowadays,

    reverse logistics has been developed rapidly for increasing industries’ competitiveness,

    promoting customer service level, and recycling the reusable material. Meanwhile, the

    demand of reverse logistics brings out a new market for the third-party logistics companies like APT Logistics headquartered in Mumbai city in India.


    The two main reasons behind the rise of reverse logistics are the globalization of markets and

    policies for environment protection. A successful reverse logistics could help to increase the

    service level of companies and reduce the costs of producing processes. More and more

    companies want to build their reverse logistics system, however the system needs professional

    knowledge in logistics management and particular facilities. Thus the third-party logistics

    service providers like APT Logistics have their reverse logistics system.


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