APT Logistics provides total logistics solutions at ICD Moradabad. Please find details of ICD Moradabad as under.

    ICD Moradabad, also known as Inland Container Depot Moradabad, plays a vital role in facilitating international cargo transport. Here are some ways in which ICD Moradabad helps in the movement of international cargo:

    1. Custom Clearance: ICD Moradabad is a designated customs clearance location where importers and exporters can complete the necessary customs documentation and procedures for international cargo. This ensures compliance with customs regulations and facilitates the smooth movement of goods between countries.

    2. Containerization: ICD Moradabad offers containerization facilities, allowing cargo to be efficiently packed and secured in containers. Containerization provides several benefits, including ease of handling, protection of goods during transit, and compatibility with different modes of transportation such as ships, trains, and trucks.

    3. Transshipment Point: As an inland depot, ICD Moradabad serves as a transshipment point for international cargo. It receives shipments from ports and handles the transportation, consolidation, and deconsolidation of goods. This enables efficient distribution of cargo to various destinations within India and neighboring countries.

    4. Transportation Connectivity: ICD Moradabad is well-connected to major ports, airports, and industrial centers through road and rail networks. It has easy access to the ports of Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, allowing for seamless integration with international shipping routes. The presence of rail connectivity enables efficient movement of cargo across different regions.

    5. Warehousing and Storage: ICD Moradabad provides warehousing and storage facilities for international cargo. These facilities ensure that goods can be held securely and efficiently until they are ready for further transportation or distribution. Warehousing services offered by ICD Moradabad include inventory management, cargo handling, and value-added services like packaging and labeling.

    6. Documentation and Consultancy Services: ICD Moradabad offers documentation and consultancy services to assist businesses with the complex procedures involved in international cargo transport. This includes assistance with customs documentation, import/export regulations, and guidance on compliance with international trade requirements. These services help in reducing paperwork, ensuring accuracy, and avoiding delays or penalties in the movement of cargo.

    7. Trade Facilitation: ICD Moradabad plays a key role in facilitating international trade by providing a designated location for efficient cargo handling and processing. It supports the growth of export-oriented industries by simplifying procedures and reducing logistical challenges associated with international cargo transport.

    Overall, ICD Moradabad serves as a crucial link in the international cargo transport chain. It provides customs clearance, containerization, transshipment, transportation connectivity, warehousing, and documentation services, thereby enabling efficient and seamless movement of goods between international markets and inland destinations.

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