Cochin International Airport (COK) Kochi

  • Cochin International Airport (COK) Kochi

    Cochin International Airport (COK) Kochi

    Apt logistics provides total logistics at Cochin Airport. Below are benefits of using Cochin airport.
    Using Cochin International Airport (COK) for the export and import of commercial cargo offers several benefits:

    1. Geographical Advantage: Cochin airport is strategically located on the southwestern coast of India, providing easy access to important trade routes and maritime ports, making it an ideal gateway for cargo destined for southern India and neighboring countries.

    2. Robust Connectivity: The airport is well-connected to major international destinations across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, ensuring extensive air cargo connectivity for businesses involved in global trade.

    3. Specialized Cargo Handling Facilities: Cochin airport has dedicated cargo terminals equipped with modern handling facilities, such as temperature-controlled storage and handling capabilities for perishable goods and sensitive cargo.

    4. Efficient Customs Clearance: The airport has streamlined customs and regulatory procedures, leading to smoother and faster clearance of import and export consignments, reducing dwell time and expediting cargo movement.

    5. Proximity to Industrial and Commercial Centers: Cochin is a significant industrial and commercial hub in Kerala, and the airport’s close proximity to these centers facilitates quick access to cargo, minimizing transportation time and costs.

    6. Connectivity to Maritime Trade: Cochin airport’s proximity to the Kochi seaport allows for seamless multimodal transportation options, enabling efficient movement of cargo between air and sea modes.

    7. Cargo Airlines and Services: The airport is served by various cargo airlines and logistics service providers, offering a range of options for cargo carriers, resulting in competitive pricing and flexible scheduling.

    8. Security Measures: Cochin airport maintains high-security standards for cargo handling, ensuring the safety and protection of commercial goods throughout the logistics process.

    9. Advanced Tracking and Monitoring: The airport utilizes advanced cargo tracking systems to provide real-time updates on the status and location of shipments, enhancing visibility and control over cargo movements.

    10. Business-Friendly Environment: Cochin International Airport has a reputation for being business-friendly, with efficient operations and responsive customer service, making it a preferred choice for cargo exporters and importers.

    As with any choice of airport for commercial cargo operations, it’s essential to consider specific business requirements, cargo type, and the expertise of logistics partners to maximize the benefits of using Cochin airport for air export and import activities.

    APT Logistics India helps is survey of all cargo at all ports in India as per shipper / consignee requirement.

    Kindly contact APT Logistics on the below mentioned details:-


    B-214/215 A /222, ASHOKA SUPER MARKET,


    MUMBAI 400062


    CTC :- BALA IYER – +919820517857 ( PHONE / WHATSAPP)

                SACHIN TIWARI – +917700914388 ( PHONE/ WHATSAPP)

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