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    Ocean Freight India

    APT Logistics plays a vital role in the movement of goods from one place to another. We act as essential go-betweens in the import/export process and provide assistance to individuals, commercial organizations, importers and exporters who need help facilitating their international trading operations.

    APT Logistics works out the best method and route for moving large volumes of freight from the point of origin to the destination, utilizing several modes of transport (e.g. road, rail, air and sea) and ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination in the least possible amount of time, in an environmentally friendly and safe manner and at the most affordable rate.

    APT Logistics conducts research and route planning, taking into consideration the kind of cargo being transported, the distance involved and any specific customer requirements with regards to the final delivery time. 

    We are also be responsible for handling the packing, insurance, customs documentation and other regulatory requirements.

    We arrange for the timely pick-up of freight and organizing transportation between intermediate destinations, i.e. port facilities, cargo terminals and railway yards, through which a major portion of the freight movement is completed.

    We  keep our clients informed throughout the whole process and reporting back to them at each and every stage. Consequently, we collect data, present it in an accessible form and write detailed reports.

    From time to time, we are required to arrange door-to-door deliveries for fragile or high-importance packages. 

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