Main types of Bill of Lading

  • Main types of Bill of Lading

    Main types of Bill of Lading:-

    Original bill of lading is commonly issued for international shipping. When the cargo is handed over to the shipping line and it is onboard the vessel the original bill of lading is produced and provided to the shipper by the shipping company. The shipment cannot be released to the consignee at the destination as long as the shipper holds the original bill of lading. Usually when the shipper gets paid by the consignee the original Bill of lading is sent to the importer by courier which is then handed over to the shipping line at destination to release their cargo.

    Telex release bills of lading is when the shipper decides to release their hold on the cargo after they get paid by the consignee, shipper surrenders the originals to the shipping line at the origin office. The origin shipping line office sends a message to their destination office that the original bill of lading has been surrendered and the cargo can be handed over to the importer without originals been provided by them. This is faster and generally speeds up the release of cargo at destination.

    The express bill of lading which is also known as seaway B/L is the quickest variation of bill of lading and is generally issued to shipper who decides to release his hold on cargo immediately. The originals are never issued in this case. He shipper just receives a copy of bill of lading for their reference once cargo on board. The cargo is released at destination immediately on arrival without any originals.



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