International freight forwarders play an important role in sending/receiving cargo to/from any destination/origin. We organize and assist for shipping personal goods as well as commercial ones.
    To have them collected from origin and to transport them to various destinations safely and timely is most important of all related activities.
    Being familiar with the regulations for import and export of goods, we are always ready to advice all pre-requisites for smooth movement of the goods.
    Also regular updates from overseas partners in shipping without hassled to the destination country and if required up to door at destination.
    Be it the packing of goods or to assist with advise on the same we are ready to fulfill all requirements.
    Booking with the carriers for Sea mode or with Airlines for Air mode of shipment, it is always done in a manner to suit the best interest and comfort of the customers..
    Once the goods are ready, we always check and review the documents associated with the same to ensure minimum disruption in movement of goods and avoid holding of the cargo for long times.
    Any special certification required for shipping is advised prior to dispatch from premises at origin and if required our dedicated team will assist in getting the certificates ready.
    Similar practices for ease in import of goods helps us to create and gain customer confidence for which we always try to give the best service combined with best practices.
    Our team can assist in handling and arrangement of shipping activities on all locations across India and also take pride in assisting clients who are beyond the boundaries in other parts of the world.
    We, at APT LOGISTICS, are committed to best practices in international freight forwarding and offer services by air, sea and road utilizing our expertise in freight forwarding, customs clearance ,
    warehousing and ensure a satisfactory service.

    For any queries, contact:
    Ms. Diana D’Souza : +91 22 28763538
    Mr. Bala Iyer : +91 98205 17857
    Mr. Mangesh Bhosle : +91 84339 88532

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