Handling of Over Dimensional Cargo

  • Handling of Over Dimensional Cargo

    Handling of Over Dimensional Cargo

    APT Logistics is specialized in providing solutions for the safe transportation of any over dimensional cargo, heavy and bulk cargo.

    We are experienced to develop a complete strategy that takes into consideration every feature of the project, from freight estimation and carrier selection, to site surveys and route clearances. This results in considerable savings in both time and money for our clients and the avoidance of costly mistakes.

    We can arrange for over-dimensional cargo to move overseas while lashed and choked on flat racks or open-top containers for large machineries & equipments.

    APT Logistics offers specialized heavy forklifts and the necessary equipments required for over-dimensional cargo travelling on the road.

    Keeping in mind the project schedule as well as all aspects and possibilities available, Over Dimensional Cargo Movement are always handled with complete co-ordination.

    The most important point in handling such ODC Cargo is that the delivery time should meet your project schedule.

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