Handling of dangerous goods shipment in India

  • Handling of dangerous goods shipment in India

    Handling of dangerous goods shipment in India

    Dangerous goods (DG cargo or Haz cargo) are materials in solid, liquid or gaseous form that can harm people or the environment. They are subject to standard chemical regulations. These Hazardous materials are generally described as HAZMAT. Dangerous materials include explosives, flammable items, radioactive substances, toxic, corrosive liquids etc.


    The transportation of dangerous goods is controlled and governed by a variety of different regulatory regimes, operating at both the national and international levels.

    Regulatory frameworks incorporate comprehensive classification systems of hazards to provide a classification of dangerous goods. Classification of dangerous goods is broken down into nine classes according to the type of danger materials or items present,

    Class 1: Explosives

    Class 2: Gases

    Class 3: Flammable Liquids

    Class 4: Flammable Solids

    Class 5: Oxidizing Substances

    Class 6: Toxic & Infectious Substances

    Class 7: Radioactive Material

    Class 8: Corrosives

    Class 9: Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

     APT Logistics specializes in shipping these dangerous goods that many other forwarders won’t be able to handle.

    Our team of specialized professionals who have worked within the dangerous goods freight industry for established airlines and shipping lines.


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