APT Logistics – Indian freight forwarder

  • APT Logistics – Indian freight forwarder

    APT Logistics – Indian freight forwarder

    Freight forwarding is the coordination and shipment of goods from one place to another via a single or multiple carriers via air, marine, rail or highway.

    The importance of freight forwarding for global trade was recognized a century back. Everyone knows that  forwarding freight, whether by land, marine, rail or air requires coordination, regulation and agreed-upon best practices to ensure that goods flow in a timely and proficient manner across borders.
    The principles of freight forwarding are premised on the efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods that are maintained in good condition throughout their travels. To accomplish this, freight forwarders like APT Logistics are experts in managing the logistics necessary to ensure that goods arrive on time. Successful trade and shipping in expanding globalized markets means having the right tools at your disposal.

    Negotiating tariffs, customs regulations and being fluent in the requirements of shipping by land, sea, rail, and air, freight forwarders like APT Logistics manage the risks and benefits of shipping both nationally and internationally using the latest advances in information technology.
    Having the knowledge and skills to navigate the regulations of freight forwarding is integral to ensuring the successful shipment and delivery of goods. Even as the knowledge of customs regulations is an important component, the successful transfer of goods through freight forwarding relies on its service industry. As such, freight forwarder like APT Logistics – India have the right people whose commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that goods reach their final destination in a timely and efficient manner.

    Many customs brokerage firms recognize this and ensure that their most qualified personnel are available to tailor and develop a comfortable shipping experience for their clients. Negotiating the logistics and regulations of freight forwarding is a complex task; the proper import and export of goods depends on choosing a customs brokerage firm and a freight forwarder like APT Logistics you can trust.

    For any queries, contact:
    Ms. Diana D’Souza         : +91 22 4978 7802        diana@aptlogistics.com
    Mr. Bala Iyer                   : +91 98205 17857         balaiyer@aptlogistics.com
    Mr. Manoj Guruji          : +91 93232 13776         manoj@aptlogistics.com
    Mr. Mangesh Bhosle    : +91 84339 88532         ocean@aptlogistics.com

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