Dimerco Express Group Enhances Global Deployment in India

  • Dimerco Express Group Enhances Global Deployment in India

    Dimerco Express Group Enhances Global Deployment in India

    Taipei, Oct. 3, 2012 (CENS)–The Taiwan-based Dimerco Express Group, the largest freight forwarder by revenue on the island, has decided to boost its global deployments in India by setting up a joint venture named Dimerco Express India Private Ltd., to drive up its business growth there.

    Dimerco directors said that establishment of the Indian joint venture, headquartered in Bangalore, the third most populous city in southern India, is a result of the group’s years-long efforts on exploring the South Asian country in cooperation with local partners.

    With the joint venture operational, Dimerco, which has already had operating offices in Chennai and Deli and planned to set up a new one in Mumbai later, will be able to provide customers with more diverse services from container shipping and cargo freight to logistics and customs in the market.

    The group stressed that India, one of the best represented emerging countries in the world, has been focusing its economic development on signing free trade agreements with foreign countries in the region, so the domestic market for freight forwarding services shows strong growth potential. Therefore, the group is confident of gaining considerable growth momentum by boosting business deployments there.

    Noteworthy is that Dimerco has also profited from strong market demand in Southeast Asia so far this year. With international enterprises moving to set up production lines in the region, the group’s directors said that a bullish regional market spread over the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries for freight forwarding services has gradually emerged, which in the long run will serve as a new growth drive for the group that has built 150 overseas branches worldwide, with most of which in Asia.

    Aided by the booming Southeast Asian market, the group finished the first eight months of this year with combined revenue of NT$9.966 billion, up 2% from a year ago, with net profits of NT$84 million for the first half.

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