Shanghai port hit by Covid -19

  • Shanghai port hit by Covid -19

    Shanghai port hit by Covid -19

    The Shanghai area has imposed several restrictions and measures against Covid-19 spread spread and some of them have been extended till further notice. Shanghai extended restrictions in many parts of the city, which is home to China’s financial hub and one of the world’s busiest port’s.

    Congestion in Shanghai is bad news for consumers and companies around the world. ”The citywide lockdown¬† in Shanghai is a setback to global supply chains already stretched by geopolitical tensions. Global supply chains have been strained for months due to Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion in Ukraine.

    The port Shanghai has already been suffering from major holdups, and the extension may worsen congeston increase transportation costs further, experts said. The lockdown measures could force carriers to blank sailings at the port in the coming days and weeks, disrupting ocean shipments. Maersk, on of the world’s largest conatiner shipping companies, also said the Shanghai lockdown can cause transportation delays and higher costs.

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